Little Cosmetics was created by mom and schoolteacher, Starla Tyler. Observing her students, Starla noticed that children always prefer the most realistic play experiences.  Through interactions with her toddler daughter, Starla learned that little girls love to be just like mommy.  Combining these experiences led to the inspiration for Little Cosmetics, the creation of something that little girls and moms alike would love.  A pretend makeup set that looks so amazingly realistic, but is completely mess-free. 

 “As a mother of a toddler girl, I know first hand how much little girls love to play with makeup. My daughter loves to play with my eye shadows and powders, but it always ends up in a big mess. And I also worry about the effects of having toxins absorbed into her skin. So I started shopping around for pretend makeup. I found two types on the market: hard, plastic, unrealistic looking pretend makeup, or play makeup that made just as much mess as my own makeup! So I decided to create Little Cosmetics pretend makeup. If your daughter is anything like mine, she won’t easily be fooled by fake makeup. So I spent a lot of time creating products that look and feel realistic. From my daughter to yours."