Created for the ultimate pretend play experience, Little Cosmetics' innovative fake makeup looks and feels just like the real thing, but it's totally fake.  No color transfers or applies to the skin.  With vibrant shades and realistic textures, this pretend makeup will satisfy any little girl who wants to be just like mommy. Through realistic play experiences, Little Cosmetics fake makeup encourages imagination and creative development.

While little girls love playing with Little Cosmetics, moms can be happy knowing that Little Cosmetics is completely mess free because its not real makeup!  Even though the pretend makeup looks and feels so real, when you touch the products, your fingers come away clean and dry. Nothing shows up on face or skin, and there are no concerns about unsafe ingredients. No worries about hard to clean stains on little faces, furniture, or even the family dog!

Little Cosmetics is the perfect gift idea for little girls that love playing with mommy's makeup, and the perfect solution for moms that don't want real makeup on their little girls faces.  And because our products are completely mess-free, parents love knowing that their little girls are having good, clean fun!