Playful Pak™ FAQ


What are the requirements for becoming a Playful Pak™ Independent Seller?

All Playful Pak™ Independent Sellers must meet the following qualifications:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Not be in jail or prison or otherwise confined to a correctional institution
  • Complete and submit an Independent Seller Agreement that is accepted by Little Cosmetics. (Little Cosmetics reserves the right to accept or reject an Independent Seller Agreement at its sole discretion)
  • Purchase a Little Cosmetics Playful Pak™ Kit
  • Have a valid email address and mailing address
Is the Playful Pak™ Independent Sellers program open to international members?

Yes, international sellers are welcome to the Playful Pak™ program, with the exception of the UK.  Please email at for options available in the UK.


How much will my customers pay for Playful Pak™ products?

Playful Pak™ products will be priced comparable to Little Cosmetics online sales channels, although some may be priced up to 5% lower. In addition your customers will not be charged shipping fees, a great incentive to buy from you. 

Where can I sell products from my Playful Pak™ Kit?

Products may be sold at craft fairs, holiday fairs, social gatherings, community events, pop-up-shops, and festivals, and directly to friends, family, associates, and customers.

Are the products in my Playful Pak™ Kit also sold by Little Cosmetics online?

Products in the Playful Pak™ are exclusive to our Independent Sellers and not available elsewhere.

Am I allowed to promote my Playful Pak™ products on my social media channels?

Yes, it will definitely help your sales!  However, Playful Pak™ Individual Sellers may not promote their products on any Little Cosmetics social media or respond to any customers seeking a Playful Pak™ Independent Seller. Independent Sellers may not promote any other product or income opportunity unrelated to Little Cosmetics on our social media.

Can I sell Playful Pak™ products online?

Selling Playful Pak™ products on any online marketplace or retail website, such as Amazon, Ebay, etc. is strictly prohibited and will result in being removed from the program.  They may be sold on your personal website or Facebook pages, and sellers must adhere to all rules governing those sites.

Can I sell Playful Pak™ products in a store?

Selling Playful Pak™ products at any retail location, such as a boutique, gift shop, etc is strictly prohibited and will result in being removed from the program.  They may be sold at one-time special events at a retail location, such as craft fairs, pop-up shops, festivals, etc.

Can I sell Playful Pak™ products if I am already an independent seller/consultant/distributor for another company?

Yes! We encourage you to tap into your existing customer base to generate sales.

How many kits should I purchase?

We recommend that you decide what activity level you intend to commit to selling Playful Pak™ products, and purchase based on your personal preference.

How do I get paid?

Once your purchase your Playful Pak™ Kit, you sell products directly from your personal inventory and instantly keep the profits. At this time Little Cosmetics has no incentive programs, and will be adding them in 2017.

How much can I earn?

Independent Sellers will earn 30% commission on each product sold. The Little Cosmetics Playful Pak™ program is designed to generate spare cash for you to enjoy.  The more time you put into it, and the more products you sell, the more money you can make.

Are there minimum requirements to continue as a Playful Pak™ Independent Seller?

Little Cosmetics has no requirements for our independent sellers.  The Playful Pak™ program is a fun way to generate some extra income.

Will I receive training?

We provide our sellers with a quick start instruction guide complete with pricing guidelines, pointers, and FAQ. We also have dedicated 24 hour email support available for you seven days a week. Our program is so straightforward, there is no training required.  Just buy, sell, earn!  

Do I get a product discount for personal orders?

Yes!  Just purchase directly on the Little Cosmetics website using your Playful Pak™ seller ID number as a discount code, and a 30% discount will automatically be applied to purchases under $30.

 Do I need to maintain an inventory, or will orders be sent to my customers by Little Cosmetics?

You will sell items directly from you Playful Pak™ Kit to customers, and immediately keep the profits.  In 2017 we will introduce a website for orders to be placed, and shipped to your customers by Little Cosmetics.

How often will Little Cosmetics introduce new products into the Playful Pak™ Kits?

We will introduce new products 2-4 times a year.

Are all Little Cosmetics products available for Playful Pak™ Independent Sellers to sell?

Only the products included in the Playful Pak™ Kit may be sold by Playful Pak™ Independent Sellers.


How long will it take to receive my Playful Pak™ Kit?

 We will ship your kit to you within 1-3 business days of order receipt.  Delivery time will depend on where you are located.  We are shipping from Southern California.

 How do I cancel my Playful Pak™ order?

Unfortunately, due to our fast fulfillment times, we are unable to cancel orders once they have been placed. If you input an incorrect mailing address, your Kit will ship to that address, then be returned to our warehouse. If you choose to have your Kit re-shipped, a new shipping charge will apply.  

Who is responsible for my order while it is being shipped?

Once your products have shipped, title to and risk of loss for any products transfers to you.

 If I decide I don’t want to sell, can I return my Playful Pak™ Kit once I receive it?

We are only able to accept returns that contain all of the original items included in your Kit, in their new and unopened condition, including all signs, card, sheets, etc.  We will not issue refunds for incomplete Kits. Seller will be responsible for return shipping costs.

What if my customer wants to return a Playful Pak™ item?

Have you customer email Little Cosmetics directly using the purchase code on their Logo Receipt Card.

Additional Questions? Email us at or use the contact form here.